Tips for applying for Grants

Our top 10 tips:

1. Read the relevant fact sheet to ensure you are eligible to apply for the grant.
2. Read the guide to submitting applications on line
3. Read the grant application questions carefully and start to gather your data, including:

(a) Gather letters of support
(b) Budget
(c) Plans
(d) Permissions required

4. Use clear language and avoid jargon
5. Ask questions.
6. Take time to write the application. There are no additional marks received for early entries!
7. Get together in a group and brainstorm the important factors of your project. Make sure you can describe each feature of the project succinctly and accurately.
8. Stick to the word limits that have been provided. That doesn’t mean that answers should be only a few words, but means that you can clearly communicate the most important aspects of the project.
9. Sometimes research is required to address questions in the application, so be sure to collect all the relevant information prior to writing the application and well before the due date.
10. Proof read and spell check, edit, revise, seek a second opinion.